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Clint Zéphyr Chevalier

Private Investigations...

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Name:Clint Zéphyr Chevalier
Birthdate:Jun 14
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Clint Zéphyr Chevalier is the only child of single mother, Angelle. Angelle is the sister of Clint's cousin, Lorenzo's deadbeat father, Jérôme. Clint was glad he never had to have anything to do with his wife-beating uncle, but he grew up close to Lorenzo, nevertheless. Where Lorenzo grew up in New Orleans, Clint and his mom lived in Lafayette, about two and a half hours drive away though Lorenzo would frequently come to stay with with when his mother tried to get him away from the violence. Clint's mom, a chef, worked hard and long hours to raise him, but her history of sleeping around meant she never really knew who his father actually was... and didn't want to either. She was determined to raise him on her own with the help of her best friend (who would go on to start a lesbian relationship together when Clint was in high school). Clint always thought of himself as having two moms, and damn lucky for the fact too.

When he was in his late teens, his grades were average, at best, so his mom got some tutoring for him to try to get them up a bit to give him a chance at college if he was interested in going. Turns out, his tutor was a creeper and exposed himself to Clint during one of their sessions and Clint was mortified. He wasn't a prude by any means, but he also didn't want middle-age wrinkly dick waved in his face while he was trying to get his head around algebra. To make matters worse, the guy wanted to 'compare' dick sizes just for the hell of it. Needless to say, Clint never had another session with the guy. He wasn't particularly traumatised by the event, but he was disgusted and it definitely stuck with him. Stuck with him so much that he decided he wanted to become a cop to try to nail pedos like this dude. Posted to a New York City PD after the Academy, he lasted all of 18 months as a rookie and got itchy. He didn't mind the job, but it wasn't a challenge enough for him. He started to grill his detective friends on what that job was like, though he didn't have the right qualifications to climb those ranks nor the ambition to get them either.

It lead to him starting out his own Private Investigation business after he exposed a guy one of his colleague's wives was having an affair with that opened a huge can of worms revolving around some "gentlemen's club" in New York that slept with married women for kicks. It sparked his interested enough, and after just six months in business, he hit the jackpot with a very generously paying desperate housewife who wanted to find out if the nanny of her son was having a sordid affair with a man who had known links to child pornography. Low and behold, it was another tangled web, and it turned into a huge investigation... so much so that he couldn't handle it on his own. He took on a partner, a close friend of his who was a lesbian, and their business boomed, developing quite the name for themselves.

Now, Clint is quite wealthy in his own right and there's little he won't do for the sake of an investigation. He and his partner even got married to keep up their undercover ruse in a sort of Mr & Mrs Smith style arrangement. On the outside, they seem like any other average married couple, but at the bare bones of their business, both are forever with their fingers in many pies, donning many disguised to get the evidence they need for their clients, who pay packets for their service. It's a life Clint loves and he's content. He knows he's good at it, and he's proud of how successful he (accidentally) became so he can regularly send money home to his moms to take holidays together and visit him as much as they can. This past year, however, he has been on undercover investigations overseas in London, Japan, Paris, and Buenos Aires. It took him away from Lorenzo when he probably needed his cousin the most, but now he's back to touch base again and make up for lost time.

Original Character
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